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There is still a chill here in Los Angeles and no better way to spend the evenings than cuddled up in my candlelit living room sipping on tea.  Kobo candles are an orGLAMic way to go.  Made with domestically grown soy wax (rather than petroleum) and lead-free cotton wicks these candles are both beautiful and good for the environment.  There are so many orGLAMic scents to choose from and beautifully designed tins to boot.  Some of my favorites include Fig Verde, Portuguese Olive Blossom, Sparkling Rose and Mango Tree, pictured above.  Click here to go to Kobo’s official website.

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How time flies when your having fun!  I have been busy wrapping up the first season of Hollywood Green with Maria Menounos, but I am back to fulfill all your orGLAMic needs.  It’s probably a good thing that I haven’t been posting regularly, because there is nothing more annoying than beginning to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving has even come, and with the plethora of eco-friendly, orGLAMic goodies available this holiday season it would have been hard to resist!meyer


Let’s kick of ths holidays with this peppermint candle by Mrs. Meyer’s.  It is made of soy and vegetable wax and burns bright for a whopping 35 hours!  When you are through with the candle you can also rinse the orGLAMic jelly-jar container to use for decor or storage.  Click here to check out the entire line of peppermint/holiday items.

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