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It’s already July and you’re still not bikini-ready?  Well, get in line folks.  Luckily Shea Terra Organics offers the delightful and orGLAMic Anti-Cellulite Deep Tissue Massage Oil to get us closer to the goal in a flash.  Gotu Kola and green coffee bean oil combine to diminish the appearance of cellulite by increasing circulation while pomegranate and arugula seed oils simultaneously tone and firm skin. Using sustainable, raw materials sourced from Africa, all of the company’s products are free of sulfites, parabens, silicones and artificial coloring and fragrances.  Click here to shop the entire orGLAMic collection today, and hit the beach tomorrow!

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It’s pretty much a given that when I go home for the winter holidays my skin is going to become a total wreck.  It’s only been in the past couple of years that I’ve managed to keep my dry skin at bay with DHC’s Olive Virgin Oil.  Yes, it is 100% certified organic olive oil that you put on your face!  Contrary to what one might think, it has been purified of potential pore-cloggers and is surprisingly light feeling on your skin.  It is naturally rich in vitamins and free radical-fighting antioxidants for your skin.  Click here to check out this organic orGLAMic skin moisturizer, it’s currently on sale for $29!

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