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For today, I’m sharing To-Go Ware which I just placed an order with moments ago.  In an attempt to green the set of my latest television endeavor, I purchased a bunch of these to give to my co-hosts and to use myself.  These utensils are made of bamboo and are niftily stored in a holder made of recycled plastic.  The well designed set above (my personal pick) also includes recycled newspaper.  Click here to purchase this specific item, or here to shop the different orGLAMic utensils, food carriers and bags on the website.

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einstien3Not to be left behind, our four legged friends can get in on the green sleep trend as well.  This Eco Nap mat by West Paw is exactly where my rescued Chihuahua Chano would like to sleep all day and night if he had his way.  The mats are milled in the USA with 85% of the fabric comprised of IntelliLoftTM fibers – post consumer recycled plastic, better known as the soda-pop bottles. Over 40 plastic bottles are diverted from landfills with every Extra Large Eco Nap, and even a Medium Eco Nap diverts more than 21 bottles with each mat!  Click here to shop all of West Paw’s eco-friendly options, including dog sweaters made out of reclaimed cotton and recyclable dog toys.

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