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picture-31Despite many attempts out there for stylish, eco-friendly footwear most brands don’t meet my orGLAMic standards.  Yes, I am ridiculously particular about shoes, but these adorable vegan sandals from Olsenhaus make the cut!  My summertime staple, dressy sandals are an easy way to enhance everything from denim shorts to bikinis.  The nude and black coloring is right in step with fashion trends this summer (and this orGLAMic girls aversion to too much color!)  In addition to being cruelty-free and eco-friendly, Olsenhaus is also committed to donating and being involved with organizations such as Farm Sanctuary, PETA, the Humane Society and Greenpeace.  Click here to shop the Spring ’09 online collection of orGLAMic, vegan footwear.

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Sexiest Vegetarian

Here’s a fun little thing for orGLAMic readers to do on their day off. Just click above to vote for who you think is the sexiest vegetarian. We’ll be back to scouting for your favorite orGLAMic products tomorrow!

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