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Picture 2I’ve always thought ‘soy candles’ when I hear Pacifica, but little did I know that they have orGLAMic Body Butter that is to die for!  The Tuscan Blood Orange scent, pictured above, is divine, but I could easily go for Malibu Lemon Blossom or Medittareanean Fig.  All these body butters are made of natural ingredients, including paraben-free shea butter, almond and safflower oils, and the unique fragrances come from essential and natural oils.  Click here to check out all the orGLAMic body butter’s and here to browse the rest of the collection, including perfumes and soaps.


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Other than the fact that I love the name of this line (kind of obnoxious/kind of hilarious/VERY L.A.), Rich Hippie offers organic perfumes that are positively orGLAMic.  Rich Hippie perfume is made using traditional methods.   The perfumes are made by mixing plant and flower extracts that are either organic or wildcrafted with wine alcohol that is naturally made from organically grown grapes harvested from the great wine regions of California.  Scents are fabulously named, and range from Devotion and Bohemian Wedding to the unisex Nirvana and Utopia.  Click here to purchase these orGLAMic perfumes.

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