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The sexy staple that is Victoria’s Secret has begun offering selections for you orGLAMic vixens out there!  The wireless bra and matching hiphugger seems like the perfect pair of winter undies – and the fact that they are made of organic cotton is just tinsel on the tree!  Not only is the cotton grown pestecide-free (good thing when you think about what the cotton is rubbing up against all day…), but it is fairly traded and grown by women-owned farming cooperatives in Burkina Faso.  Click here to purchase this orGLAMic pair of undies, and to inspire Victoria’s Secret to carry more eco-friendly options in the future.

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I’m in the mood for love over here at orGLAMic, so here is a fun little undies posting for all you ladies! My new favorite is Mya Underwear by g=9.8 They are made from recycled white pine-tree pruning and are super sexy and orGLAMic at the same time. I hear that recycled white pine-tree pruning is as soft as silk with the feel of cashmere, sounds just about right for skivvies made in a small village in France. Oh, and as Kim Kardashian recently pointed out to us over here at Hollywood Green with Maria Menounos – you can step it up a notch in the green department by showering with your significant other! Check out the entire line of Mya Underwear by clicking here.

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