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This rainy Los Angeles weather is inspiration for today’s MANLY MONDAY post.  Tina Ratzer is a designer from Denmark who shows her artwork at MOMA among other great galleries.  Her line of orGLAMic blankets in masculine tones (with reverse patterning) are a must-have for any eco-man in your life – after all they are the perfect accoutrement for a fireside livingroom snuggle!  Made of 100% Australian, biodynamic, merino wool, these are eco-friendly for sure.  In fact, the sheep are bred under biodynamic control, the soaps and spinnings oils used are biodegradable, no moth repellents are used, the dyes used do not contain heavy metals and the textile is woven, then milled without soap in cold water only.  Click here to purchase an orGLAMic Ratzer plaid blanket and browse the other offerings.

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