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modgreenpod1Wallpaper is officially cool again (it’s true, ask the coolness gods), and orGLAMic has been scouring the eco-friendly market for something green and stylish. Offering fabric and totes as well, Mod Green Pod has five different mod wallpaper designs to die for. The wallpapers are vinyl/PVC-free and are made of water-based inks on cellulose paper. As my trusty orGLAMic readers should know by now, the production of vinyl is extremely toxic and dioxins have been linked to immune system suppression, reproductive disorders, a variety of cancers, and endometriosis. Not something you want in your home!  Click here to check out all the fabulous offerings from Mod Green Pod…and check out my favorite of the wallpapers below…so subtle and orGLAMic!


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