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Bundle up in style this holiday season with this orGLAMic sweater from Stewart+Brown.  Always a staple for organic basics, I was delighted to stumble upon the tres fashionable Ladder Stitch Cardigan.  This 100% cashmere cardigan is made with fibers hand-combed from the downy undercoat of cashmere goats residing on the remote, rugged steppe of Outer Mongolia.  The company harvests, spins and knits their cashmere designs in Mongolia in an effort to avoid environmentally damaging desertification due to overgrazing, and to help sustain the centuries-old Mongolian herders’ nomadic way of life.  Featured in the November issue of Vogue, I apparently am not the only one loving this orGLAMic piece – click here to see Michelle Williams modeling the cardigan!  Or click here to purchase your very own.


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Heather Heron offers striking purses and totes that are made out of organic hemp (although the line does include leather…) and handcrafted by artisans right here in Los Angeles. My favorite from the Fall 2008 collection is the Aspen, which comes in dark chocolate with black piping and details. The refined, muted look is perfect for fall and large enough to carry as days worth of stuff in there (what is all the stuff that collects in my purse, and why is it necessary?!) Click here to check out the orGLAMic line loved by two of my faves Reese Witherpoon and Michelle Williams.

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