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Nobody deserves (or needs!) to relax more than mothers.  This Sunday give your mom a lush, 100% organic Pima cotton robe by Skin and tell her that you appreciate all her hard work and unconditional love.  This white robe is simple and sleek and positively orGLAMic!  Check out all the organic and eco-friendly lingerie at Figleaves Greenleaves, or order the robe pictured above, by clicking here.

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Time to spice things up here a bit on orGLAMic with out first post about lingerie!  Yes, the eco-friendly world has covered it all and now you have an excuse to buy some more beautiful undies (as if you need another excuse:)  The Sensibella silk camisole and knicker pictured above are so cute and demure.  They are made of pure organic silk, a sustainable resource produced without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.  To browse the rest of Enamore’s products, also including clothing and accessories click here.

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