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Inhabit never ceases to amaze me with their chic eco-friendly stylings.  Today I present to you their amazing Braille Wall Flat.  This simple, yet powerful, addition to a room is made from 100% bamboo pulp and therefor biodegradable!  Each flat can be easily trimmed and mounted to fit any shape, and the scraps can be recycled with paper products or composted.  These durable and sustainable wall coverings are also chemical-free.  And while I like the stark white (surprise, surprise) these would also look really fun painted – with no/low VOC paints, of course!  Click here to purchase the reasonably priced Braille Wall Flat, and here to shop their entire orGLAMic collection.


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Spruce up your dwellings with this modern pillow from fantastically designed Inhabit.  This multi-functional throw pillow, Seedling in Scarlet, adds a great pop of color whether it resides in your living room, bedroom or den.  It is made from 100% sustainable recycled polyester, and is again recyclable at the end of it’s life-cycle.  Handprinted and handmade in the USA with eco-friendly inks, this is just one fine example of Inhabit’s broad array of environmentally-friendly products.  Click here to purchase this orGLAMic throw pillow, and here to check out the endless modern, eco-friendly items ranging from bed linens to wall art.

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