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There is still a chill here in Los Angeles and no better way to spend the evenings than cuddled up in my candlelit living room sipping on tea.  Kobo candles are an orGLAMic way to go.  Made with domestically grown soy wax (rather than petroleum) and lead-free cotton wicks these candles are both beautiful and good for the environment.  There are so many orGLAMic scents to choose from and beautifully designed tins to boot.  Some of my favorites include Fig Verde, Portuguese Olive Blossom, Sparkling Rose and Mango Tree, pictured above.  Click here to go to Kobo’s official website.

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Anna Sova


Forgive me for the housewares kick – it must be all the spring cleaning I’ve been doing lately!  I knew I couldnt be alone when desiring an orGLAMic lifestyle.  Anna Sova seems to be founded on the same principles that we are and are dedicated to bringing luxury organics to the consumer.  Look out for their no VOC (volatile organic compund) organic wall paints that are made with 99% food grade ingredients to be avaiable this summer.  No, I don’t anticipate that you will be licking your walls, but at least you will be inhaling something that isn’t toxic.  Revolutionary, huh? Until these Healthy Wall Finishes are available, browse Anna Sova to purchase the other fabulous bedding (pictured above) and luxury organics here.



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 While the idea of a woven rug made of recycled materials doesn’t exactly scream orGLAMic, Homestead Weaver has some surprisingly gorgeous rugs that I would love to incorporate into my home.  The family operated business uses reclaimed products or waste material that would usually end up in a landfill, and they pride themselves on turning over a ton of waste into art per year.  I am personally eyeing the neutral mix shag (pictured above) which just seems like the plushest rug to step on after getting out of the shower – and would look great against my black glossy tiles!  Browse the ever-changing selection of hand-woven rugs by clicking here.

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Ortolan’s entire spring 2008 collection is made with raw unlaundered 100% Certified Organic Cotton and their packaging is 100% recycled material.  The embroidered napkins pictured above are my favorite of all the wares currently available.  They are so beautiful in their simplicity and definitely going to be my first cloth napkin purchase once I use up all the paper napkins (gasp!) that I have bought for entertaining house guests.  To purchase these beautiful napkins or browse the other housewares, click here.

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