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Ron and Lisa Beres, the founders of the popular eco-resource GreenNest, have written the ultimate consumer handbook for navigating the green marketplace.  Just Green It! offers straightforward tips and product suggestions to ‘greenify’ every aspect of your life.  I couldn’t put down this informative read, and literally flipped through the entire book in one sitting.  Whether you want to inspire somebody in your life to go orGLAMic and get their toes wet in the eco world, or whether you consider yourself a budding expert, this book is sure to inspire and educate.  Click here for more information on this orGLAMic book.


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NY Times bestselling author, Sophie Uliano’s latest book “Do It Gorgeously – How to Make Less Toxic, Less Expensive, More Beautiful Products” hits shelves nationwide today!  You may recognize Sophie from her appearances on Oprah and Good Morning America, or from her previous bestsellers “Gorgeously Green” and “The Gorgeously Green Diet.”  At her fun and chic book launch, Sophie helped us make several skin care products whose recipes are in the new book.  “Do It Gorgeously” includes tips and recipes for everything from shoe polish to cough syrup to tuna salad (my favorite so far is the Pomegranate Eye Serum on page 35, which has miraculously changed the appearance around my eyes this past week!)  Click here to learn more about uber-orGLAMic Sophie Uliano and purchase your very own copy.

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