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Drink Skinny

Keep your summertime fiestas kickin’ with the orGLAMic margarita mix from Drink Skinny.  Not only do I love the two elements in the name (drinking and feeling skinny!) but I love the fact that this mix is all natural and made without artificial sweeteners.  You can happily (and healthily) say goodbye to the saccharine, chemical-like flavor of conventional margarita mixes, because this one is made of only water, lime juice, lemon juice, agave nectar and stevia.  Click here to purchase the orGLAMic, delectable, drink mix.  With only 20 calories per serving, we won’t judge you if you have more than one…or two…or three!

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Picture 7After a wonderful weekend getaway in New Mexico, I can’t get tasty Mexican food off the brain!  Bonadea agua fresca is the perfect orGLAMic companion to all my current culinary desires.  The ague fresca, soon to be available in all the 11 flavors pictured above, is all-natural, organic and lightly sweetened with agave.  In case you aren’t familiar with agave nectar, is a superb gluten-free, diabetic and vegan-friendly sweetener.  And according to the site, this agua fresca is a great mixer with another agave byproduct – tequila!  If you are interested in buying or distributing the orGLAMic and tasty Bonadea, click here for more info.

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