For a refined version of the sneaker, check out all the orGLAMic shoes made by Veja.  Designed in Paris, this company works with small Brazilian producers of organic cotton and wild rubber from the Brazilian Amazon to create a variety of hip, chic sneaks.  The Indigenos made of vegetable-tanned leather would be my choice for any orGLAMic man in my life, as I think they are youthful and refined at the same time.  I also love that could easily transition from work to play to a night on the town.  Click here to browse the entire orGLAMic collection and here to find a worldwide location near you.


Erin Templeton

If there is rehab for purses, I belong there.  While I try to keep my consumption to a minimum (let’s keep it green, people!) it is nice to know that my splurges can also be eco-conscious purchases.  Erin Templeton makes some of the most orGLAMic purses I’ve found.  The Side Saddle, pictured above, is my favorite among the ten different styles available.  The classic bucket bag is trendy once again, and while the bag shown above is made of buffalo hide, it is also available out of recycled leather otherwise destined for a landfill.  Click here to browse the entire collection, including accessories.

Kid Basix

Kid Basix has redesigned the children’s sippy cup in a manner that makes our orGLAMic hearts flutter.  This modern, eco-friendly take on the dowdy (and BPA-filled!) plastic cups of the past is made from non-leeching, toxin-free stainless steel, while the detailing uses BPA- and phthalate-free plastic.  These have passed my tumble-test to assure that they won’t leak when held upside-down, thrown or even jumped on, and little kids seem to love the thoughtfully shaped handles and sleeve.  Click here to purchase The Safe Sippy, or one of it’s orGLAMic cousins The Safe Sippy 2, The Safe Starter or The Safe Sporter.


As the days of summer amble along, add some classic Americana decor to your home with Pendleton.  Known for their classic blankets and such, this company also offers this whimsical yet staid Horshoe Lamp and Shade.  Recycled trotter horseshoes are hand-welded into these one-of-a-kind lamps that are topped with a handmade burlap shade.  I think a pair of these would make excellent bedside lamps in a light-filled, stark, white room.  While you’re browsing for orGLAMic wares, also take a peek at the delightful Riata and Stripe Easy Care blankets made of ‘eco-wise’ wool.


All my Manly Monday readers rejoice – Elwood offers hip, orGLAMic apparel for men!  Designed with the skateboarding culture in mind, all the items would look great on an everyday guy (whether you can pull a backside 360 kickflip or not!)  Elwood utilizes sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, hemp and recycled yarns to create a wide variety of great pieces ranging from T-shirts to denim to my favorite plaid button downs.  In addition, Elwood is a 1% For the Planet Member, donating at least 1% of the company’s annual revenues to environmental organizations worldwide.  Click here to shop the entire Fall/Holiday 2010 collection.

Josh Podoll

Be comfy, chic and orGLAMic in these stylish Josh Podoll tops. This husband-and-wife’s clothing line is “grown and sewn” in the United States.  Products are 100% organic Supima™ cotton.  This particular t-shirt shown above is my favorite because I love the orange, pink and purple polk-a-dots, and it’s comfortable look. This line has many other orGLAMic tops that are perfect for school and for the weekend.  In addition to casual, cute tops, Josh Podoll also has casual dresses and bottoms!  Click here to browse the entire Spring 2010 collection and here to find a stockist near you. -AY


Get your school year started with this note set organizer from russell+hazel.  You get different types of notes each in a different color and in different sizes, and it will hold all of your notes and papers in a compact, chic holder.  This Adhesive Note Set is orGLAMic by
consisting of recycled materials.  Out of all of the russell+hazel products, this chic organizer is by far my favorite, because it keeps
of all my notes assembled and in one place. Click here to purchase this set, and here to browse the entire orGLAMic selection including binders, folders and more. -AY