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Picture 11Originally designed in 1984 by Normal Earl, the appropriately named Audubon Soda Bottle Bird Feeder is making a comeback.  While this certainly isn’t high glamour, there is something understated and simple that I like about this orGLAMic bird feeder.  To make, just screw any two-liter bottle into the sturdy, zinc cast adapter and hang from a tree or attach to a pole.  Your feathered friends will be feed in style, while keeping out critters such as squirrels.  Available a multitude of places online (just google “soda bottle bird feeder”) one can click here to order from one of my favorite orGLAMic retailers, Design Within Reach.

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handWhile most of the items on orGLAMic act as a wish list, I  like to write about some of my favorite tried and true products now and again.  Kiss My Face‘s Hand Alert is one of those products that I can’t live without.  My hand creme with SPF (an age-defying must for all the hours spent behind the wheel in LA!) was one of the last products that I went orGLAMic with because I had the hardest time finding a lotion that would work miracles on my hands – one that contained SPF, had AHA’s and was lightly scented.  Hand Alert came to the rescue with SPF 8, AHA’s to exfoliate dead cells and keep hands looking young, and the perfect pick-me-up scent made with organic rosemary and mint.  Click here to order your very own orGLAMic Hand Alert.

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