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While traveling it is imperative to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Not only does that mean guzzling water (while refilling the same container throughout the entire trip of course!) but it also means moisturizing constantly.  I have highlighted Weleda products on orGLAMic before, but feel compelled to do so again because this cream actually got me through my last trip.  Weleda’s Wild Rose collection is made with Turkish rose oil that is pressed from the petals of organically grown flowers and is known to possess natural stress-relieving properties.  The story behind this product is that after converting nearly 350 microfarms in Isparta’s Valley of the Roses to pesticide-free farming, the company funded a petal-processing warehouse where flowers that are plucked at daybreak (to better capture their scent) are rushed during the harvest.  And you lucky reader, get to smother that orGLAMic goodness all over your face!  Click here to check out the entire Weleda collection.


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Matt and Nat

The carry-on bag conundrum:  when traveling you need to be able to stuff everything from the 4 books you won’t read to 9 energy bars you won’t eat, but you still don’t want to look like a bag-lady.  Well Matt and Nat has come to the rescue with beautiful, orGLAMic purses that are roomy enough to double as a carry-on.  All of Matt and Nat bags are vegan, but for Fall 08 they have somehow turned 100% recycled materials into a beautiful felt-based collection.  It was REALLY hard for me to pick one orGLAMic bag to post a picture of, so be sure to click here and check out the breathtaking (I am literally shaking b/c I have to have one right now) collection.  Still shaking…

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Another orGLAMic bamboo product is the Go! Towel by Luxe Bamboo.  This tiny capsule, perfect for travel, expands with only 3 tablespoons of water to a 12″ x 20″ towel.  These 100% bamboo fiber towels are unbleached, undyed and unscented and have all the properties of bamboo that I have come to love: great absorbency, anti-bacterial/microbial, and extremely soft.  All this is great, but my favorite orGLAMic aspect of this product is that it is fully biodegradable and compostable!  Find out more about Go! Towels by clicking here.

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I just got back from the most orGLAMic vacation – lots of fresh fruits and veggies and sunshine on Spain’s Costa Brava! – and have been obsessed with several eco-friendly travel goodies that either made my trip better or that I wish I had had with me on my looooong flights.  I know, I know, not as eco-friendly as a “staycation” but you have to pick your green battles : )

pb sells an orGLAMic super-soft travel blanket made out of 100% bamboo.  As I’ve told you before, bamboo is super soft, absorbent, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial — all perfect qualities for a little in-flight cuddle!  Check out the blog all week long for more orGLAMic travel products, and buy the pb blanket and matching eye mask by clicking here.

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