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Te Casan


Joining the ranks of celebrity-turned-designers, Natalie Portman has launched her own line of vegan footwear with Te Casan.  Refusing to wear clothing or shoes made from animals, Natalie is not only speaking up for animals but for our environment as well.  While these limited edition shoes (there are only 100 made for each size) aren’t quite bringing vegan footwear to the masses, every bit counts, and I applaude Natalie for her contribution.  To purchase the very glamorous ballet flats, mary jane heels or slingback pumps from one of New York’s largest shoe boutiques, click here.

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Ortolan’s entire spring 2008 collection is made with raw unlaundered 100% Certified Organic Cotton and their packaging is 100% recycled material.  The embroidered napkins pictured above are my favorite of all the wares currently available.  They are so beautiful in their simplicity and definitely going to be my first cloth napkin purchase once I use up all the paper napkins (gasp!) that I have bought for entertaining house guests.  To purchase these beautiful napkins or browse the other housewares, click here.

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