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Banana Republic

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, Banana Republic is launching a 50-piece eco-friendly collection.  The collection, which launches April 8th,  is made of renewable or sustainable fabrics like bamboo and organic cotton, with prices ranging from $24 to $150.  In addition, from April 22nd to 27th Banana Republic will donate 1 percent of all in-store sales to Trust for Public Lands, a non-profit national land conservation organization.  (And don’t worry, the collection isn’t going to be as hippie dippie as the scarf pictured above – but images of the new line aren’t available yet).  Click here to shop Banana Republic.

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Foley + Corinna


I just discovered that the Foley + Corinna bag that I have been eyeing since it made it’s big-screen debut in The Devil Wears Prada comes in an eco-friendly version!  The Country Tote is made from recycled coffee bean sacks.  And don’t forget that burlap is biodegradable.  It may not be organic, but something must be said for not leaving a legacy of junk cluttering the earth behind us.  Okay, okay, I’m straying a bit from the organic side of orGLAMic, but you can’t tell me this isn’t glamorous.  The Foley + Corinna Country Tote, white linen pants, and me wandering through Mykonos?  orGLAMic for sure!  To buy this eco-friendly tote click here.

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From lingerie to toothbrushes, there is a little bit of everything here at orGLAmic!  I have been searching for years for a toothbrush that wouldn’t completely ruin my simple and sleek bathroom decor.  Call me crazy, but something about the neon-colored handles and bright-blue-striped bristles that most toothbrushes have just didn’t go with the white Jonathan Adler-inspired vase that I keep my toothbrush in.  So imagine my delight when I found the beautiful, pared down toothbrushes made by Recycline!  Not only are they gorgeous, but they are made of all recycled materials.  Yes, I know, it’s not organic, but it is an amazing start.  Recycline has a wonderful program that uses recycled Stonyfield Farm yogurt cups to make their products, and they even provide postage-paid envelopes to help consumers return their used products for recycling.  Check out the merchandise -including razors, toothpicks and more- by clicking here.

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Time to spice things up here a bit on orGLAMic with out first post about lingerie!  Yes, the eco-friendly world has covered it all and now you have an excuse to buy some more beautiful undies (as if you need another excuse:)  The Sensibella silk camisole and knicker pictured above are so cute and demure.  They are made of pure organic silk, a sustainable resource produced without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.  To browse the rest of Enamore’s products, also including clothing and accessories click here.

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Anna Sova


Forgive me for the housewares kick – it must be all the spring cleaning I’ve been doing lately!  I knew I couldnt be alone when desiring an orGLAMic lifestyle.  Anna Sova seems to be founded on the same principles that we are and are dedicated to bringing luxury organics to the consumer.  Look out for their no VOC (volatile organic compund) organic wall paints that are made with 99% food grade ingredients to be avaiable this summer.  No, I don’t anticipate that you will be licking your walls, but at least you will be inhaling something that isn’t toxic.  Revolutionary, huh? Until these Healthy Wall Finishes are available, browse Anna Sova to purchase the other fabulous bedding (pictured above) and luxury organics here.



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Tha face of Maybelline Cosmetics for over 10 years, Josie Maran has finally created a makeup and skincare line of her own.  Josie Maran Cosmetics is made avoiding toxins or ingredients that are harmful for the environment.  The company is aligned with The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a national coalition of women’s, consumer rights, and environmental health organizations.  While I didn’t find a guarantee on the website that everything is organic, the Argan Oil, which seems like perfect remedy to my parched winter skin, seems to be.  Click here to check out her entire makeup and skincare line.


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Q Collection is a furniture line that is concerned with making furnishings that are “better for you, your home, and our planet,” and they manage to accomplish their goals and not sacrifice good taste.  Their furniture is made of only natural, non-toxic materials that are designed for superior air quality, and they only use FSC (Forest Stewerdship Certified) wood and biodegradable materials.Having been on the hunt for the perfect sofa – modern and sleek but still comfortable enough to curl up to a movie on – I was thrilled to come across the Emily Sofa (pictured above).  Browse the eco-friendly furniture, fabrics, and accessories by clicking here.

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Earthly Affair is a wonderful resource for earth-friendly invitations.  Although the company specializes in wedding invitations, I can see myself using these for birthday party or formal dinner invitations.  My favorite design is the Alcazar design shown below in a the fuschia and brown.


Earthly Affair offers two earth-friendly papers for their invitations: 100% post consumer waste or partially recycled with the rest of the paper coming from FSC (Forest Stewardship Certified) trees.  For more info on their earth-friendly practices or to order these beautiful invitations click here.

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 While the idea of a woven rug made of recycled materials doesn’t exactly scream orGLAMic, Homestead Weaver has some surprisingly gorgeous rugs that I would love to incorporate into my home.  The family operated business uses reclaimed products or waste material that would usually end up in a landfill, and they pride themselves on turning over a ton of waste into art per year.  I am personally eyeing the neutral mix shag (pictured above) which just seems like the plushest rug to step on after getting out of the shower – and would look great against my black glossy tiles!  Browse the ever-changing selection of hand-woven rugs by clicking here.

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While it is nice to have a large selection of orGLAMic high-end clothing available to us fashionistas, sometime a girl just doesn’t want to spend $200 on jeans.  If a lot of the high-end organic clothing isn’t in your price range, Levi’s has a line called Levi’s Eco to satisfy your denim needs.  The denim jeans, skirts, and jackets are made from 100% organic cotton and are natural indigo-dyed.  The packaging is printed on either organic fabric or recycled paper and with printed with soy-based ink.  Right now there are some amazing jeans on sale for as low as $28.98, so not only will you be saving the earth, but you’re saving some money too!  To buy a pair of Levi’s Eco Jeans click here.

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