Sustainable luxury living at it’s finest, Unison offers a variety of organic bedding that embraces the company’s chic design aesthetic.  Their popular Tatami bedding is available in a 200 thread count, eco-friendly option that we would just love to own (and cuddle up in!)  Made of 100% organic cotton fiber, the ivory coloring of the duvet shown above is achieved through natural hydrogen peroxide washing, while the modern, subtle graphics are printed with Oeko-Tex compliant low-impact dyes.  Unison offers several other organic options as well – simply click here to purchase the orGLAMic duvet shown above.

Lara Miller

As we elegantly (and orGLAMically!) transition into fall, versatile pieces such as those found in Lara Miller’s collections are key.  The Meadow Tank, shown above, is made in Chicago of hand-loomed, 100% bamboo.  The sweater-like fabric adds a pop of color during these fall months, but can also be worn well into the winter under a blazer and scarf.  Using eco-friendly fibers such as organic cotton, hand-loomed bamboo, hemp and vegan silk, all of Lara Miller’s designs are beautifully crafted and pass the orGLAMic test with flying colors.  Click here to browse all her collections and here to shop currently available items.


If dog is a man’s best friend, than Yoghund is an orGLAMic man’s best friend’s friend.  This USDA-certified organic frozen yogurt treat is a fun and healthy way to keep orGLAMic pups happy.  In addition, the company goes eco by using 100% recycled boxes that are processed chlorine-free, while the yogurt cups are made of paper for increased safety (which is a good thing since I know a puggle (yes, you Rudy!) who would likely eat the cup as well!)  Available in Banana & Peanut Butter and Blueberry & Vanilla Bean, all you have to do is click here to find a North American store near you.

Just Green It!

Ron and Lisa Beres, the founders of the popular eco-resource GreenNest, have written the ultimate consumer handbook for navigating the green marketplace.  Just Green It! offers straightforward tips and product suggestions to ‘greenify’ every aspect of your life.  I couldn’t put down this informative read, and literally flipped through the entire book in one sitting.  Whether you want to inspire somebody in your life to go orGLAMic and get their toes wet in the eco world, or whether you consider yourself a budding expert, this book is sure to inspire and educate.  Click here for more information on this orGLAMic book.


I know a clothing line is absolutely fabulous when it is difficult for me to narrow down specifically which item I want to share with my orGLAMic readers!  Emersonmade offers piece after piece of delectable items that could easily enter the permanent rotation in my closet – and while the blazers initially caught my attention, it is the expertly tailored Emerson Shift that I am currently craving.  Made of 100% organic cotton, this eggplant dress is perfect for a day of meetings yet can also easily transition into dinner date attire.  Click here to purchase this orGLAMic find, or here to shop the rest of the site including menswear, accessories, wedding finds and more.

IJA Designs

With Labor Day behind us and the hustle and bustle of fall ahead, simplicity continues to be key when seeking out orGLAMic products for readers (and myself!)  Among it’s plentiful collection jewelry, environmentally conscious company IJA Designs offers one of my favorite styles.  The Small Clasped Bangle is chic and sleek and can be worn day in and out no matter what the occasion or wardrobe.  This orGLAMic design studio is run on 100% renewable energy, purchases recycled metals and in turn also recycles all it’s scrap metals.  Click here to purchase this specific item, and here to shop the entire collection.


Soothe summertime tresses and keep humidity at bay with one of Hamadi’s newest products, their Healing Serum.  Made to repair and replenish dry and damaged hair, the combination of sunflower, avocado and olive oil leave your tresses silky without weighing them down.  All Hamadi products are completely biodegradable, made with 100% organic essential oils and plant extracts, and free of artificial ingredients, including perfumes and colors.  The company’s slogan is “tested on actresses, never on animals” which makes me smile every time!  Click here to browse the entire orGLAMic collection and to shop the line.


For a refined version of the sneaker, check out all the orGLAMic shoes made by Veja.  Designed in Paris, this company works with small Brazilian producers of organic cotton and wild rubber from the Brazilian Amazon to create a variety of hip, chic sneaks.  The Indigenos made of vegetable-tanned leather would be my choice for any orGLAMic man in my life, as I think they are youthful and refined at the same time.  I also love that could easily transition from work to play to a night on the town.  Click here to browse the entire orGLAMic collection and here to find a worldwide location near you.

Erin Templeton

If there is rehab for purses, I belong there.  While I try to keep my consumption to a minimum (let’s keep it green, people!) it is nice to know that my splurges can also be eco-conscious purchases.  Erin Templeton makes some of the most orGLAMic purses I’ve found.  The Side Saddle, pictured above, is my favorite among the ten different styles available.  The classic bucket bag is trendy once again, and while the bag shown above is made of buffalo hide, it is also available out of recycled leather otherwise destined for a landfill.  Click here to browse the entire collection, including accessories.

Kid Basix

Kid Basix has redesigned the children’s sippy cup in a manner that makes our orGLAMic hearts flutter.  This modern, eco-friendly take on the dowdy (and BPA-filled!) plastic cups of the past is made from non-leeching, toxin-free stainless steel, while the detailing uses BPA- and phthalate-free plastic.  These have passed my tumble-test to assure that they won’t leak when held upside-down, thrown or even jumped on, and little kids seem to love the thoughtfully shaped handles and sleeve.  Click here to purchase The Safe Sippy, or one of it’s orGLAMic cousins The Safe Sippy 2, The Safe Starter or The Safe Sporter.